Stick Instruments

Type of Musical Instrument:

Acoustic Guitar, Cello, Violin

First Apperance:

Stick Figures

Latest Apperance:

Pogo Sticks

Songs Played:

Stick Figures, Pogo Sticks

Stick Instruments are a group of instruments that appear in Pogo Sticks and Stick Figures.


The Stick Instruments are a group of animatronic instruments that appear in Stick Figures and Pogo Sticks. Like Mr. Stick, they have arms in-order to play themselves. Usually in the first animation, they don't have wheels and glow in the dark. In Pogo Sticks, they have wheels and glow in the dark. They usually live in a stage that is appeared to be made out of wood.

List of stick instruments Edit

  • Mr. Stick - sometimes known as Mr. Bass Man or the Stick Bass, Animusic's iconic figure. He initially has one string in his debut performance of Stick Figures. He gets another string, a pair of wheels and some glow-in-the-dark sidelights as of Pogo Sticks.



  • These are the first animatronic instruments to appear in the Animusic DVDs


  • There was a render mistake with the violin in the middle. At one point it abruptly shifts position.