Stick Figures
Whole Band 2

Available on:

Animusic 1 DVD

Animation Lenght:

5 minutes and 23 seconds

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Future Retro

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Pogo Sticks

Stick Figures was the second and most popular animation on the track list for the Animusic 1 DVD. it is a predecessor to Pogo Sticks of this animation.


A bunch of a stick instruments play in a stage that is similar to the Pogo Sticks stage. The stage is mostly made up of stick-like shapes and instruments that play together rapidly. The stage appears to be made out of wood and it seems to be night outside the stage. The stick instruments are appeared to be made out of wood and their robotic arms are appeared to be made out of metal. One of these instruments, Mr. Stick is a semi-anthropomorphic animatronic bass guitar or Chapman stick. It has a brownish-reddish finish and one string to play.


Instruments in the order they're presented:


  • Stick bass: D1-C4
  • Horns: D2-D3, G#3-G5
  • Lead laser: D4-A5
  • Guitar: D4-C5
  • Pan Flute: D4-G#6 (A6)
  • Metallophone: A3-C6
  • Backup laser: D4-G5
  • Cello: C2-C4 (bowed), B1-D3 (plucked)
  • Violins: C#3-D4



  • The stage set is in a cave of stars, instead of outside performing on stage, probably like Starship Groove.


  • Stick Figures was written in 1995 as with Future Retro, Harmonic Voltage, Seventh Alloy, A Slight Delay, and The Harvester.
  • Occasionally after hitting a cymbal, one of the drum sticks will twirl and fly backwards.
  • The sound the violins make is doubled at the octave, which can be heard clearly on the Surround Sound mix.
  • This animation is named after the stick figure, a type of art which the drawing of a person or animal, composed of a few lines, curves, and dots.
  • Mr. Stick is one of the first antropomorphic instruments to appear in the Animusic DVDs.
  • Mr. Stick is based on the Chapman Stick, although Wanye Lytle commented on his animation Stick Figures.
  • A few of the renders from this animation are seen in the art development of Pogo Sticks.
  • On the commentary, Wayne says that this animation is where he learned how to animate stringed instruments, as his previous works only had "Drums, Lasers, and Bouncy Things".
  • Solo Cams:
  • CAM 1: Stick Bass and Acoustic Guitar.
  • CAM 2: Drum Kit, Slapsticks, and Triangle.
  • CAM 3: Pan Flute, Metallophone, and Gong.

Errors Edit

  • There was a render mistake with the violin in the middle; at 2:27 it abruptly shifts position and shifts back at 2:30.
  • At 3:05, the guitar's fingers go through each other and end up in a different position than in the beginning.
  • On the bottom at 1:44, the acoustic guitar's ending animation doesn't match that of the playing.


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