Starship Robots
Animusic 2-Starship GrooveWide

Type of Musical Instrument:

synth lead, synth bass, drums, plucked synth

First Appearance:

Starship Groove

Lastest Appearance:


Songs Played:

Starship Groove

The Starship Robots are a group of instruments that appear in Starship Groove.


Red Starship RobotEdit

The Red Starship is a part of the band. It is a boxy silver robot with red pentagon-shaped pads. It is capable of doing body actions. In the commentary, Wayne Lytle states that this robot is a female-similar of Boost from Cars.

Blue Starship RobotEdit

The Blue Starship is a part of the band. It's just like the Red Starship Robot, but smaller and has blue pentagon shaped pads. It plays the bass-similar of Dj From Cars.

Starship DrummersEdit

The Starship Drummers are a part of the band. There are exactly two of them and they face each other. They're just like the Red and Blue Starship Robots, but without pentagram-shaped pads and carry green glowing drum sticks. Unlike the Starship Robots they can't move and are built into the starship-similar of Wingo from Cars. 

Yellow Starship RobotEdit

The Yellow Starship Robot is a part of band. It looks like Red and Blue Starship Robot, but only without the pentagon-shaped pads. This robot plays the plucked stringlike synth instead-similar of Snot Rod from Cars.



  • A robot from Animusic 3 had a resemblance to these robots.

Cultural InfluencesEdit

  • The way that the the Starship Robots play themselves is similar to a real-life dance called juba dancing.