Starship Groove is the first track on Animusic 2, and is featured on the cover and the main menu of the DVD.


In order of appearance:

  • Blue bass synth robot
  • Two blinking light towers, notating the 7/4 (odd-meter) time signature
  • Two-player drum kit (2 snares, 3 hi-hats, a bass drum, 2 toms, a cowbell, a wooden block, a triangle, and a crash cymbal)
  • Red lead synth robot
    "Starship Groove" - Animusic

    "Starship Groove" -

    Starship Groove

  • Two low-pitched power chord accent flashes
  • Yellow plucked synth 
  • Two high-pitched power chord accent flashes


  • Bass: E1-G#2
  • Lead: E3-G#4
  • Light Speakers: E2/B3, E3/B4
  • Plucked Synth: E2, E3-E5


  • Most of these instruments are played by the five starship robots. While they perform, their starship travels steadily through space.
  • In the commentary, Wayne Lytle states that the robot that plays the red lead synth pad set is in fact female. "She" is also capable of actions and body language.
  • The spaceship whirs throughout the piece, although not heard during the music itself, but at the beginning and end.
  • In the commentary, Wayne mentions that many comments about the first DVD, were about it's own commentary, ranging from kids wanting Wayne to stop talking to others thinking that Wayne was actually discussing Animusic in their living rooms.
  • Wayne also says that the lighting in this animation was driven by midi, courtesy of their then new Animusic Studio/ MidiMotion.
  • Bonus Feature: a set of three different cameras that focus on a certain performer on the starship:
  • CAM 1: Blue Synth Robot.
  • CAM 2: Red Synth Robot.
  • CAM 3: Drummer Robots w/ Drum Kit.
  • Curiously, as the stars in the background move in the actual animation, they don't here.
  • The main menu features a slightly different instrument played by the red synth robot. The sound is more hollow and sounds more like an organ.