Resonant Chamber is a very mellow song from Animusic 2. It could be the follow-up of Aqua Harp.


In order they are presented:

  • Eight-stringed classical guitar
  • Seven-stringed shamisen
  • Two-stringed bass
    "Resonant Chamber" - Animusic04:28

    "Resonant Chamber" -

    Resonant Chamber Magic ;;Just listen..

  • Four-stringed lute/mandolin
  • Four-stringed tapped guitar
  • Two-stringed ukulele
  • Six-string harp


  • Guitar: Eb2-Db5
  • Harp: Bb4-Bb5
  • Bass: Eb1-F3
  • Lute: Bb3-Bb4
  • Tapped Guitar: F2-C5
  • Ukulele: F2-C#5


The classical guitar starts to play, when all the other instruments play. After a while, the song gets the fastest, then the slowest. The song then plays the musical chorus. After the chorus, the song ends.


  • At 2:46 into the piece, a short brass-like chord can be heard, apparently played by the 8-string guitar.

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