Mr. Bass Man & Pals Race Through

The Stick Bass and his team moving around the course

Pogo Sticks is the second track on Animusic 2. It features the return of Mr. Stick, the popular robotic bass from Animusic 1's "Stick Figures". This time he has wheels, a second string, and is now in motion. He also brings along "friends" and "cousins" in the form of similar instruments.


In order of appearance:

  • Two hammered guitars (one lead,
    Pogo Sticks03:21

    Pogo Sticks

    Pogo Sticks

    one backup)
  • Hammered bass guitar (an updated version from 'Stick Figures: it now has two wheels and his motored') 
  • A two-part drum kit, including:
    • A bass drum, 2 toms and a snare
    • 2 cymbals, 3 hi-hats and a cowbell
  • Marimba
  • Vibraphone


  • Lead Guitar: D2-A4
  • Bass: A1-G3
  • Backup Guitar: E2-E4
  • Marimba: D#3-E5
  • Vibraphone: F#3-D5


Wayne Lytle has said that the stick bass has "cousins," which are the hammered guitars. His "friends" are the drum kit playing sticks and the two stick xylophones, one as a marimba and another as a metallophone. They also have green lights that glow when they go through tunnels. Throughout the performance, they travel around the wooden course at sunset, stopping at stages intermittently.


  • A synth player with keys that resembled those of the marimba and vibraphone players.

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