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Pipe Dream 2

Pipe Dream 2 is the fifth animation on Animusic 2 and the sequel to Animusic's Pipe Dream. It features the same set and instruments as the original.


A bunch of instruments play on a room completly surrounded by pipes. They are all played by ball bearings that shoot out of certain pipes. 


Instruments in the order they're presented:


  • Guitar: Bb1-G3
  • Banjo: A3-C4
  • Vibraphone: C3-F5
  • Bells: C4-C5
  • Marimba: Eb2-F5


  • To contrast the two different performances on this set, the Acoustic Guitar/Bongo double instrument next to the wall is lit by a blue light in the second version, as opposed to a magenta light in the first version. The golden vibraphone fountain now glows orange when struck instead of white. The back wall from the first animation has been removed to reveal a large empty space filled with pipes. The tubular bells also have a little more detail, partially due to the fact that they spend more time onscreen. The whole set is slightly more worn and dented.
  • The instruments are also tuned slightly differently from the first animation.
  • At one point near the end of the animation the splash cymbal and cowbell can be heard simultaneously, which should be impossible due to the configuration of the drums.

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