Miracles Out of Nowhere is a song created by the American rock band called Kansas for the album known as Leftoverture. In live performances of the song, a DVD was created showcasing the concert including an animation of something that appears to be a cluster of Animusic instruments from previous videos.

Instruments From The AnimationEdit

  • Percussion instruments including the drum set, metallophone and gong(Future Retro)
  • Bass guitar in "tower"(Harmonic Voltage)
  • Calliope
  • Hammered harpsichord(Acoustic Curves)
  • Organ chorus lights
  • Lead synth lasers(Future Retro)
  • Green electric guitar laser(Future Retro)
  • Electric Violin with a laser(Harmonic Voltage)
  • This Animusic animation has a Future Retro drum kit and its robotic drummer with two arms. The tower bass guitar (connected to this robot) is one of the Harmonic Voltage instruments. The violin laser is blue and sounds like an electric violin.
  • The organ lights could be a follow up to Cathedral Pictures organs
  • The synth lasers are not even heard at all
  • If you look closely the “Calliope” is actually a piano and rock organ

Video Edit

Kansas "Miracles Out of Nowhere"

Kansas "Miracles Out of Nowhere"