The Musical Empire

Lots of instruments from the temple playing

Heavy Light is the eighth and final song on Animusic 2. Set on a peak in the mountains, the piece is performed on an Aztec-like pyramid, with a long series of small stairs leading up to it. The performance starts with the blue chorus beams appearing to trigger the transformation of the pyramid into the musical temple. At least three other planets or moons can be seen in the sky, one of which bears a strong resemblance to the planet Jupiter.


Instruments in the order they're presented:

  • Blue Chorus synth Lasers
    Heavy Light07:16

    Heavy Light

  • Violet Synth Bass Beams
  • Yellow Lead Synth Lasers
  • Drums and cymbals (a bass drum, a snare drum, 3 hi-hats, 3 wood blocks, 3 crash cymbals, and 10 toms)
  • Orange String Beams
  • Red synth sawtooth Lasers
  • White Chorus Floodlights
  • Green flash Chirp Laser
  • Gongs


  • Chorus lasers: E3-F#5
  • Bass: E1-E2
  • Lead Synth: E3-G6
  • Strings: E3-C5
  • Red Lead: D3-D6
  • Chorus floodlights: E2-C5
  • Green Laser: E4-C7


  • This is the longest animation on all animusic songs, with 6:30.

Close-ups and set constructionEdit

On the DVD, Heavy Light is the only one with two distinct special features.

Set ConstructionEdit

Wayne Lytle decided to do another set construction. "That would be kinda hard, but at least it's not Gyro Drums," Wayne says.


Wayne also decided to make another feature, his favriote one of all, the close ups. It isn't the full version, it's just a clip. This was used for the Heavy Light preview on their website,


Drum/Bass submix Edit

The drum and bass submix is only available on the Animusic 2 soundtrack and as background music to the set construction.

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