Heavy Light is the eighth and final piece on Animusic 2.

Summary/Description Edit

Set on a peak in the mountains, the piece is performed on an Aztec-like pyramid, with a long series of small stairs leading up to it. The performance starts with the blue chorus beams appearing to trigger the transformation of the pyramid into the musical temple. At least three other planets or moons can be seen in the sky, one of which bears a strong resemblance to the planet Jupiter.


Instruments in the order they're presented:

  • Blue Chorus synth Lasers
    Heavy Light

    Heavy Light

  • Blue Synth Bass Beams
  • Yellow Lead Synth Lasers
  • Drums and cymbals (a bass drum, a snare drum, a ride cymbal, a splash cymbal, 2 crash cymbals, 2 hi-hats, 2 percussion clickers, 3 wood blocks, 10 toms)
  • Red String Beams
  • Red synth sawtooth Lasers
  • White Chorus Searchlights
  • Green flash Chirp Laser
  • Gongs


  • Chorus lasers: E3-E5
  • Bass: E1-E2
  • Lead Synth: E3-G6
  • Strings: E3-C5
  • Red Lead: D3-D6
  • Chorus floodlights: E2-E6
  • Green Laser: E4-C7


  • This is the longest of all Animusic pieces, clocking in at an incredible 6:30.
  • Heavy Light was a joint effort piece created by 4 different artists, whose concept art can be seen in the Stills section of the Bonus Material.
  • One of these artists, Steve Deffeyes, is actually a friend of Wayne Lytle's, having known him since high school. He designed the outer structure of the Musical Temple, which actually fits his personality, very even, very symmetrical.
  • The background, the sky of which houses at least 6 celestial bodies, 3 planets, 3 moons, was once again done by Eric Shauvin.
  • In the commentary, Wayne mentions that there have been numerous misconceptions about Animusic as a company, ranging from Animusic being something he does at home in his spare time, to Animusic being an enormous corporation in a huge building.
  • Right before the chorus floodlights come out the splash cymbal sounds more like a “triangle” which means the 1st percussion clicker was a triangle and the “wrong ” drum was played

Special FeaturesEdit

Heavy Light holds the honor of being the only piece on Animusic 2 with two distinct special features.

Set ConstructionEdit

Since there are so many different instruments underneath the floor of the Musical Temple, this Constuction helps put the Temple in place. First, the structure of the temple is constructed, then everything falls into place in the opening of the temple. Every instrument component, every shifting part, every inanimate stone, is dropped from above and placed snugly in its designated area. Finally, the sky appears to be edited in from scale, to rough art, to solid, to shaded.


  • Wayne Lytle's personal favorite Bonus Feature: extreme close-ups of various angles and instuments around the Temple. Since the instruments were never meant to be seen this close, viewers get a behind the scenes peek at their workings.
  • Close-Ups:
  • 1. One of the Red Lasers.
  • 2. The Blue Bass Synths.
  • 3. Some of the White Chorus Floodlights.
  • 4. The Drum Kit.
  • 5. The Green Chirp Laser.
  • 6. An overhead view of the Musical Temple.
  • 7. The Red Beam Synths and the Yellow Synths.
  • 8. The Gongs.


Drum/Bass submix Edit

The drum and bass submix is only available on the Animusic 2 soundtrack and as background music to the set construction.