Harmonic Voltage

Avalible on:

Animusic 1 DVD, Animusic HD

Animation Length:

5 minutes and 52 seconds

Previous Animation:

Acoustic Curves

Next Animation:

Starship Groove


Heavy Light or Fiber Bundles

Harmonic Voltage is the seventh and last animation on the track list for the Animusic 1 DVD. Probally Heavy Light or Fiber Bundles might be the follow-up of this animation. 


A bunch of instruments plays in a stage that appears to resemble a power plant. Its mostly made-up of synth laser tesla coil/synth bass tower and electronic drum set supported by wires. The instruments in the stage appears to be power by electricity or nuclear. It's appears that's its night outside the stage.


Instruments in the order they're presented:


  • Strings: ??
  • Lead Laser: G3-F6
  • Bass: D1-D2
  • Guitar: (F2) G2-Ab6
  • String Pulses: D3-D5
  • Bass Tower: C1-F3



  • Curiously, in this animation, the electronic drums seem to be supported entirely by wires, which act like springs when these drums are struck.
  • The contruction song of this animation is a broken-down version of the ending section of Harmonic Voltage.
  • This animation had a HD version on the Animusic HD DVD as the other animations were Pipe Dream, Drum Machine and Aqua Harp.
  • Harmonic Voltage was written in 1995 as with Stick Figures, Future Retro, Seventh Alloy, A Slight Delay, and The Harvester.
  • During the electric guitar interlude, an inaudibly low rumbling is present in the soundtrack.


This the gallery for Harmonic Voltage.

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