Gyro Drums is the seventh animation on Animusic 2 and the spiritual successor to Drum Machine, featuring entirely percussion instruments.


There are three robotic drummer players in this animation. The first one is inside a spherical cage of percussion instruments with limited movement along a straight pole. The other two "satellite" players move around the outside of the drum kit along two large circular tracks.


Instruments in the order they're presented:


  • Right before the synth section, the central player's drum kit rotates upside down as the buzz synthesizer drums rotate into playing position and the timbales rotate out of the way. After the synth section, the instruments return to their original positions.
  • In the commentary, Wayne Lytle remarks that Gyro Drums was the most complicated instrument set to program on Animusic 2, calling it a drum version of the game of Concentration. He has also mentioned the Drum Contraption was growing so quickly and gaining so many drums, that he had to spread them across 2 separate MIDI keyboards and write entirely new software to keep track of them all.
  • Gyro Drums is also the only Animusic piece to feature a special guest on its commentary, in this case, Wayne Lytle's 9-year-old (at least at the time the commentary was recorded) son, Andrew. On the commentary, Andrew shares his thoughts on his father's work, specifically, during the part when the Electric Drums come in, which he cites as his favorite part.
  • Andrew eventually went on to pursue 3D Digital Design in college and has worked on Animusic 3 modelling instruments.
  • The Soundtrack version leaves out the intro with the drummer testing out the drums before playing.
  • The gongs in this animation all appear to be tuned to the same pitch.
  • The Surround Sound mix has the Light Drums sort of "bounce all over the room" when they are played.
  • Bonus Feature: Quad-View: Since the Contraption is so immense when at full size, and since the Satellite Players move across it so fast, the animation has been split into 4 different windows, with the cameras focusing on a player moving when the player moves, so viewers can catch up with the action.
  1. Top Left Window: Inner Core Player.
  2. Bottom Left Window: Satellite Player #1.
  3. Bottom Right Window: Satellite Player #2.
  4. Top Right Window: The Drum Contraption in its entirety.

Errors Edit

  • At one point, right before the synth section, one of the satellite drummers seems to be hitting the bar of one of the ring structures instead of an actual drum.