Guitar Chimeric

Type of Musical Instrument:

Guitar, Auto Harp, Ukulele, Jazz Bass

First Appearance:

Resonant Chamber

Lastest Appearance:


Songs Played:

Resonant Chamber

The Guitar Chimeric is a instument that appears in Resonant Chamber.


The Gutiar Chimeric is a complex multi-necked stringed instrument. It has 8-string acoustic guitar, 7-string auto harp, 2-string jazz bass, 4-string tapping guitar, 2-string guitar, and a 4-string ukulele. The instruments are morphed into one. It has resonantors.



  • The instruments appears to plays itself, but it could possibly be robotic.

Cultural InfluencesEdit

  • The instrument does share similarities with Linda Manzer's 42-string guitiar. [1].

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