Future Retro
Whole Band 1

Available on:

Animusic 1 DVD

Animation Length:

4 minutes and 44 seconds

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Future Retro was the first animation on the track list for the Animusic 1 DVD.


Futuristic-sounding robotic instruments play in the first Animusic video. The stage is mostly made up of a green triple-necked electric guitar and sawtooth lasers. The stage is surrounded by amplifiers, loudspeakers, and VUs. The walls of the stage are grey. Every time the VU lights up when the instruments are played. The triple-neck guitar is a dark green guitar. It has robotic fingers in order to play itself. It has 3 necks and cords plugged into the instrument. The guitar is supported by a metallic object. It has pan flutes and and a guitar bass. The robotic drummer is a metallic, robotic drummer. It has two pairs of robotic drumsticks in order to play itself. One pair is called the 2B Drum sticks and another is called the vibraphone mallets. It has 4 arms and cords plugged into the instrument and its only foot is the bass drum mallet. In the animation, it rises up and starts to play the drum set.

  • Build 1 (Unnamed) - A gray shaded room with a floating double-necked red guitar. Claw-like robotic hands with two fingers playing the guitar. 2 boxy laser cannons shooting red and pink lasers across the room.
  • Build 2 (Future Beat) - A set that looks a lot like the final, white walls, a red triple-necked guitar in the middle. Slightly different 5-fingered hands robotic hands playing the guitar. Near-finished laser cannons near the guitar. Near-finished drumset with no arms playing it.
  • Build 3 (Future Beat) - Dark gray walls with stereos everywhere, a blue triple-necked guitar, robotic hands playing the guitar (same as Build 2's.) Finished drumset with robotic arms holding drumsticks.


Instruments in the order they're presented:


  • Electric Bass: Db1-Ab2
  • Bass Plasma Ring: Eb1-Bb1
  • Lead Laser: Db3-Bb5
  • Bass Laser: Db1-Ab3
  • Flute: Bb4-Ab5
  • Lead Guitar: Eb2-Eb6
  • Rhythm Guitar: Eb2-Ab4
  • Chorus: F2-Bb4
  • Green Laser: Eb2-Bb2
  • Vibraphone: Db4-F5


Future Retro is a Hard Rock/Experemental Rock song. The song will start out as amplifiers, VU's etc turning on as the robotic instruments start up. A few instruments are played just as a breakdown is implemented in the flute part.


  • The construction set song of Future Retro appears to be an early version of Pogo Sticks.
  • Future Retro's music was written in 1995 as with Stick Figures, Harmonic Voltage, Seventh Alloy, A Slight Delay, and The Harvester.
  • The pan flute sound actually consists of two different synths, the softer of which can be heard on the Solo Cams. They can also be heard distinctly on the Surround Sound mix.
  • Future Retro is the first animation that featured robotic instruments in the Animusic 1 DVD.
  • According to the director's commentary, Wayne Lytle's favorite scene in the entire Animusic 1 album is in this song. The scene is the short segment where the drum kit and vibraphone are playing at the same time.
  • The last note the green synth plays seems to be outside the range that the reflectors account for. This most likely led to the decision to keep the camera on the drum set during the last measure of the breakdown.
  • During the second half of the heavy guitar/choir breakdown, the chorus synth gets doubled an octave lower.
  • The name of this animation could be a play on the term retro-futurism, a trend of the visual arts.
  • The commentary states that viewers have confused the static sounds when the amps and speakers are starting up with their actual TVs and stereos having problems.
  • Future Retro originally had a working title of "Laserium".
  • Solo Cams:
  • CAM 1: Drum Kit, Vibraphone, and Gong.
  • CAM 2: Red Sawtooth Lasers.