Drum Machine

Available on:

Animusic 1 DVD, Animusic HD

Animation Lenght:

3 minutes and 22 seconds

Previous Animation:

Aqua Harp

Next Animation:

Pipe Dream


Gyro Drums

Drum Machine was the fourth animation on the track listing for the Animusic 1 DVD. Probabaly Gyro Drums could be the follow-up of this animation.


An entire gear-driven machine plays the drums. Stage is mostly made up of a huge gear-driven drum set. The stage appears to be made out of bricks. The machine has 3 sets to play. The first one has a  hi-hats, a snare drum, a bass kick drum, a cowbell, 2 crash cymbals, and twelve toms in a 3x4 arrangement. The second kit has four timbales, four timpani, four wood blocks, a vibraslap and two agogô bells.

The thrid one with three church bells and two tamtams.

The instuments and gears are supported by wood.


Instruments in the order they're presented: (various gear-driven percussion devices)




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