Drum Machine

Available on:

Animusic 1 DVD, Animusic HD

Animation Lenght:

3 minutes and 22 seconds

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Aqua Harp

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Pipe Dream


Gyro Drums

Drum Machine was the fourth animation on the track listing for the Animusic 1 DVD. Probably Gyro Drums could be the follow-up of this animation.


An entire gear-driven machine plays the drums. Stage is mostly made up of a huge gear-driven drum set. The stage appears to be made out of bricks. The machine has 3 sets to play. The first one has a  hi-hats, a snare drum, a bass kick drum, a cowbell, 2 crash cymbals, and twelve toms in a 3x4 arrangement. The second kit has four timbales, four timpani, four wood blocks, a vibraslap and two agogô bells.

The thrid one with three church bells and two tamtams.

The instuments and gears are supported by wood.


Instruments in the order they're presented: (various gear-driven percussion devices)



  • This animation had a HD version on the Animusic HD DVD as the others were Pipe Dream, Harmonic Voltage and Aqua Harp.
  • The construction set of this animation was the longest of the other 7 animations on the Animusic DVD
  • Drum Machine was written in 2000.
  • There is only one camera shot in this animation. It takes on all kinds of transitions as the drums play.
  • This animation's name could be taken from a drum machine, an electronic musical instrument designed to imitate the sound of drums or other percussion instruments.
  • This is the shortest animation in Animusic 1 and the 2nd shortest song of the series, beaten by Pogo Sticks by 2 seconds.
  • This animation had a working title of "GearWorld".
  • Drum Machine is an example of how Animusic differs from reality, with Wayne stating in the commentary that the drum structure could not actually be built, as it would collapse under its own weight.
  • Solo Cams:
  • CAM 1: Hi-Hat, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Cowbell, and both Crash Cymbals.
  • CAM 2: At first, the 12 Toms. When the tempo speeds up, it changes to the Timbales, Timpani, Wood Blocks, Slapstick, and Agogo Bells.
  • CAM 3: The Gears (both the ones operating the instruments and the ones synchronized to the clock-beat).


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