Cathedral Pictures is the fourth animation on Animusic 2, based on Modest Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibtion.


Instruments set inside a cathedral play parts of Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition. These sections include "Promenade" and parts of "Hut on Fowls Legs" or "Baba Yaga" and "The Great Gate of Kiev".
Animusic HD - Cathedral Pictures (1080p)

Animusic HD - Cathedral Pictures (1080p)

Cathedral Pictures


  • Trumpet (Promenade)
  • A drum kit (6 toms, 3 crash cymbals, 1 ride cymbal, a snare, 2 bass drums, and a hi-hat) and gongs and 2 robot arms (Promenade)
  • Pipe Organ (Promenade)
  • One-string Bass guitar (Promenade)
  • Piano/Harpsichord (hammered string) (Promenade)
  • Light-emitting Clarinet (Hut on Fowl's Legs)
  • Large xylophone (Hut on Fowl's Legs)
  • Tuba (Hut on Fowl's Legs)
  • Pipe organ expression louvres (synthesized tone) (Hut on Fowl's Legs)
  • Lemon yellow arc sound (synthesized tone) Laser (Hut on Fowl's Legs)
  • Light-emitting Pan Flute (The Great Gate of Kiev)
  • Pyrotechnics (The Great Gate of Kiev)


  • Trumpet: F3-C6
  • Organ: F1-Eb6
  • Bass: C1-C3
  • Piano: C1-G7
  • Clarinet: C4-Ab6
  • Xylophone: G1-G7
  • Tuba: G1-G2
  • Louvres: Eb0-G1
  • Laser: D3-G5
  • Flute: Bb4-Eb6


  • Cathedral Pictures was the first piece created for Animusic 2.
  • It is also the first Animusic piece based on a pre-existing piece of music: The version of Pictures at an Exhibition used in the piece is based on the version produced by rock band Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, Wayne Lytle's personal favorite band.
  • A preview of Cathedral Pictures was included with Animusic: Special Edition. The organ lights were yellow and some of the camera angles were slightly different.
  • In the commentary, Cathedral Pictures was mentioned to originally be produced for the technological company HP to showcase their new line of digital projectors. As such, the piece was at first only done in high definition wide screen. This led to both it and the other 7 pieces on Animusic 2 becoming available in both full screen and wide screen, of course to avoid letter boxed formats on a standard definition TV.
  • The bass guitar is occasionally layered with a faint synth bass sound.
  • At the end the bass appears to pluck the string with two fingers.
  • The picture on the bass drum is The Great Gate of Kiev, painted by Victor Hartmann.
    Cathedral Pictures drummer
  • During the Hut of Baba Yaga section when the bass does a slide the fingers stay in place.
  • Bonus Feature: Construction: Since Cathedral Pictures was admitted to be one of the most complicated pieces on Animusic 2, this feature allows for everything to fade into place. First, the structure of the cathedral that the instruments are placed in, then the instruments themselves, before showing off camera angles not used in the actual animation, before ending with a disclaimer about the origins of the music.

Errors Edit

  • The pipe organ's lower register is heard often but not animated.