Aqua Harp

Available on:

Animusic 1 DVD, Animusic HD

Animation Length:

3 minutes and 45 seconds

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Stick Figures

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Resonant Chamber or Cathedral Pictures

Aqua Harp is the third animation on the track list for the Animusic 1 DVD and Animusic HD. It is a predecessor to Resonant Chamber.


A 26 stringed Harp plays in a enclosed stage filled with water. The stage is mostly made up of a 26 stringed harp. All the instruments are connected to the harp. The stage is enclosed. Its walls and ceiling are painted a dark blue or black with a crescent moon and stars that appear to glow. The harp appears to be made out of wood.  Between instrumental refrains, the lighting changes between warm-toned lamps on the wall and cool-toned, blue-ish underwater lights. The harp and stage are in the nouveau style of art. The harp is a light brown. It has 26 strings set in the middle; connected by pan flutes on top, silver tubular bells hanging below, and a 1-string violin and a cello on the sides. The instrument plays itself. Blue teardrop-shaped picks pluck the strings and similar objects control the cello's pitch. They appear to be levitating by an unknown force.


Instruments in the order they're presented:


  • Harp: E2-A5
  • Flute: A4-D6
  • Bells: E4-B5
  • Cello: E2-F#3
  • Violin: A3-C#5


As the prettiest segment of the series, Aqua Harp plays classical serene music.


  • This animation had a high-bitrate SD version on the Animusic HD Blu-Ray, along with Harmonic Voltage and Drum Machine
  • Aqua Harp was written in 1999.
  • Throughout the piece, the water the harp sits in can be heard rippling.
  • In the commentary, it is revealed that the water itself took approximately three weeks to perfect, and was ultimately made with 3 different surfaces.
  • The harp, flutes, and chimes are all aligned; the flutes and chimes will echo the notes played on the harp.
  • The room in which the harp rests is actually enclosed, yet the stars emit their own light.
  • Solo Cam:
  • CAM 1: The Harp, and all of its components.

Goofs Edit

  • There is a note assignment flaw, as each flute corresponds to the string below, however, at 1:43, the 3rd and 4th strings from the right are played, the 4th and 5th flutes play. This is also shown at 1:59, 2:49, 2:54, and 3:05.


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