"Animusic 2, The Soundtrack was a  soundtrack made by Wanye Lytle in 2007. It was a soundtrack to the Animusic 2  DVD. The CD was framed as The Video Album Soundtrack. The CD was also sold with the Animusic 2 DVD+CD combo. The DVD also had 11 tracks (including remixies) in total.

Track listingEdit

  1. Starship Groove
  2. Pogo Sticks
  3. Resonant Chamber
  4. Cathedral Pictures
  5. Pipe Dream 2
  6. Fiber Bundles
  7. Gyro Drums
  8. Heavy Light
  9. Heavy Light Drum/Bass Submix
  10. Fiber Bundles Drum/Bass Submix
  11. Fiber Bundles Synth/Ambient Submix

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