Acoustic Curves
Whole Band 4

Available on:

Animusic 1 DVD

Animation Length:

5 minutes and 35 seconds

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Cathedral Pictures

Acoustic Curves was the sixth animation on the track list for the Animusic 1 DVD. Probally Cathedral Pictures could be the follow-up of this.


A set of autonomously-played instruments performing in a chamber. The stage is mostly made-up of a hammered dulcimer and acoustic gutiar. The instruments are surounded by a thick brownish-oranage chamber wall. In the beginning of this animation, the instruments are introduced one at a time, coming either the ceiling or the floor, and disappear at the end. The instruments are a group of mechanized instruments. The band consist of a acoustic gutiar, hammered dulcimer, bass gutiar, vibraphone, tubular bells and a drum kit. The acoustic guitar is the first instrument that appeares in the animation and plays itself with pick installed to a hammer-like small arm. The ducimer is the second to appear. It plays itself by using a hammer-like pick. The bass rises up with the drum set in the animation. It plays itself with blue picks and hammers, one used in only one mode (strum and hammered).The drum set, that appears with the bass guitar is a red drum set and plays itself with drum sticks. The vibraphone appears before the tubular bells. It plays itself by using purple mallets. The tubular bell set is the finally instrument that appears in the animation.


Instruments in the order they're presented:


  • Guitar: Eb2-F5
  • Dulcimer Or Harpsichord: Eb2-F5
  • Upright Bass & Electric Bass: Eb1-F3
  • Vibraphone: C3-G5
  • Bells: Bb3-D5



  • The song played during the set construction segment is the beginning to A Slight Delay.
  • Acoustic Curves was written in 1999, alongside Aqua Harp.
  • The acoustic guitar occasionally plays a high note outside the range of the instrument.
  • If you look closely, you will be able to see that every string has the same mechanism used for playing, regardless of whether it is strummed, hammered, or both.
  • In fact every single instrument apparently has a variation of this exact same mechanism specifically designed for it (even when the instrument is split into two parts, like the vibraphone and the drumset).
  • The commentary for this animation describes nothing about the actual piece. Wayne instead uses the piece's running time to describe what goes into making each animation.
  • Solo Cams:
  • CAM 1: Yellow Hammer Dulcimer.
  • CAM 2: Blue Strummed and Hammered Bass Guitar.
  • CAM 3: Drum Kit.
  • Strangely, as instruments not on a Solo Cam are faded in the background, the vibraphone nor the tubular bells are not heard at all on the CAM edition.


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